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Judy Topetcher Barrett (evacuated to Pittsburgh to stay with family there): We were lucky. House looks like a thunder storm just passed. Down the street is just awful. Huge trees down. Only one hit the garage of house.

Staying in Touch.....

Joe and Linda Allison Palmiero evacuated to Macon Georgia from Hilton Head Island, meeting up with Suzy Spence Miller, waiting out the storm before returning to the Florida Keys (where there was no impact)... all getting a great tour of Macon from local resident Gil Gray. Unfortunately Hilton Head was very hard hit and Joe and Linda had to remain in Macon for nearly a week until residents were able to return to a devastated island.  

As of 10/9... Linda: We are still under evacuation order with impassable roads, water, no power. I think our house is OK. A neighbor who stayed reported that home seemed OK with just a small tree lying on deck. ....island is a disaster area with thousands of trees down, one marina wiped out. I understand Harbortown pretty bad. It could have been much worse. I don't know when they will let us back on island. Just allowing security and clean up crews on now.

(Update.... Linda and Joe had no damage to their home.  Gil Gray's son, Gilby, who is in the tree service business in Alabama, took a crew to Hilton Head to help Linda and Joe get their downed  trees cleared.) 

​Hurricane Matthew... Bringing classmates together in October 2016

Kenna Quine Kinsey, Skidaway Island near Savannah: We didn't leave, here for the whole thing, not much sleep that night! Our backyard stuffed with debris and blocked roads in our community. Much cleanup ahead!

As Hurricane Matthew approached the east coast, classmates began a non-stop effort to communicate with those that faced this massive storm... phone calls, Face Book, emails and text messages.  All were united in an effort to check on the class of '66 members who were in the path.... those all along the Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina coast.  Numerous classmates had to evacuate, leaving their homes and hoping for the best as they listened to weather reports.  Others braved the storm.   Amazing how many prayers were shared.

Don with his 'come along' trying to get two big limbs out where he can use his chainsaw.

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Bobbie Beiler Montgomery: Rode out the storm in Deland Florida, leaving notes on the door as to where in the house she could be found if in need of rescue!  She managed just fine though much damage to landscaping.

From John Kelso - Southport NC (as of 10/9/2016): 

We were very fortunate with the ever-changing route of Hurricane Matthew.  Anticipating the worst (based on the mid-week forecast) we made hotel reservations in Fayetteville for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Then things changed and we never left home.   The intracoastal waterway was so high that it covered the 232 feet of walkway from out backyard to the dock yesterday afternoon.  We have never seen the water that high.  We will probably lose some plants because of the salt water. Flooding of the rivers is now the main concern for several days throughout NC.   But all is well with us.

​​Allegheny Class of '66

Toni Swain Marwitz (as of 10/9/2016): 

Hurricane Matthew wasn't quite as bad as predicted, but coming on the heels of Hurricane Hermine, my poor Skidaway Island took quite a beating.  Fortunately we were spared the storm surge, so no flooding.  But damage to homes, downed trees everywhere, no power and reports of broken gas mains means I can't go home just yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.

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