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Alumni 55th Reunion Central

​​Allegheny Class of '66

I could not attend the 50th as my wife had developed complications in her esophageal cancer battle. Unfortunately she passed away in a Pittsburgh hospice facility on June 26th, 2016. I did attend last year's event and met up with Ben and Nancy Haytock, and finally made it to the roof of Bentley Hall.

Classmates who live in Northwest PA experienced quite a December in 2017 with snowfalls for the record book in Erie!  Bill Klauk posted extraordinary photos at his home near Erie when he experienced quite a Christmas snowstorm.... 

Ben and Nancy Haytock report that “Meadville did NOT get the massive snowfall that Bill Klauk reported from Erie.  Perhaps a foot..”

But then a foot of snow does create a beautiful sight on the Allegheny campus.  Don’t you all remember the fun when there was snow—”borrowing the trays from the cafeteria to sled down the ice covered walkways!


The middle of March 2018 at Susi Kinsloe-Byer's home in Connecticut.  And more snow on the way.  Beautiful to look at!!!

And there was snow!

In Bill Klauk's own words: Erie weather is one thing that has changed very little since our days at Allegheny.  On Christmas Eve I went to the 5pm "family" service at church with the idea that I would return for the late service. I never made the late service as I fishtailed coming out my driveway and after less than a mile "crawling" on the icy street returned home.

I promised my daughter I would spend Christmas Day with her and my granddaughter at Lake Pleasant. I left my house about 2pm, drove on I-90 about 45MPH and traffic came to a complete stop about a mile before the Wattsburg Road exit. Fortunately, a plow had recently cleared a path to the exit and 20 minutes later I was headed south on an unplowed road. Cut over to Lake Pleasant Road to an even more unplowed road with about a foot of snow and 2 tracks right down the middle. Max speed was about 25mph. Made it to my daughter's house but it took three times as long as normal!

But then I had to get home. After hearing reports that I-90 was essentially closed, I planned my trip to come all the way into Erie and across 38th Street. Waited for the plows to come by Lake Pleasant, then left about 9pm. Made it back to my place on Sterrettania at 10:20PM. 38th St was deep ruts, and because it was snowing so hard, I had to stop and get out and clear the ice from the side of my windshield…. My Christmas - 36 inch snowfall .