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4/28/2020: Read about ​Nancy Sheridan and the Gator Gals - the girls of the class of 1966 that have been getting together every few years for a couple decades...in the Ella Nash Society newsletter... click here

3/3/2018: We just updated a couple photos in the "Then and Now" section of the website - If you would like to send us a recent photo to update yours or if your photo is not yet included in the website... send us your best look!  AlleghenyClassof66@gmail.com

8/31/2016: We want to add a page to our website with your comments about the 50th Reunion!  Use the form below to send a quote or a story. Photos also appreciated - send them to AlleghenyClassof66@gmail.com.  If you attended the reunion... don't worry about making those who didn't attend jealous.  We want to see them at the 55th!  If you are one of the unfortunate ones who didn't get to the 50th, just send us a note to let us know how much you missed us all, whether you followed us on Facebook during the reunion, what you think of all the photos posted, and pledge now to join the festivities in 2021.  

8/31/2016: We are hoping to keep this website up and running for the next five years... at least until our 55th reunion. Now, three months after the reunion, the website is still getting an average of 50 visits per day!   People remain interested so it is not too late to submit your "Classmate Capsule" - a quick story of what you've been doing since you left Allegheny 50 years ago!  We all want to know your story.  See for yourself how fascinating it is to read the stories from your class of '66 friends. Yours should be next!  Click here to see what classmates have done: Classmate Stories  If your story is already on the website but you'd like to update your story, . we can do that!  Send us details.


8/31/2016: If you have enjoyed seeing the photos and stories provided in this Class of '66 website and would like to see it continue through our next milestone reunion in 2021, you can help by sending a small donation to Suzy Spence Miller 151 Columbus Dr, Islamorada, FL 33036.  We are still a few hundred dollars short of the amount needed for a five year extension. 

8/31/2016: Join the class of 1966 Facebook group.  It is a great way for you to keep up with classmates.  Go to our private group first to post photos and stories you'd like to share with classmates.  And see what others from the class are posting.  The 55th reunion will be another special milestone occasion and it's not that far away.  Let's keep in touch until then.  If you are not already a member of this private group, but use Facebook, go to our group and ask to join.  Click here: Class of 1966 Facebook group

8/31/2016: If you didn't get the email with the link to the class of 1966 Yearbook with current contact information for all our classmates, their stories and more, send us a message and we'll forward the email to you. 

7/14/2016: Check out all the old photos from our years at Allegheny in the PowerPoint program created by Bill Cowles for the reunion...Click here

7/14/2016: If you have photos from the reunion we'd love to add them to this website.  Send them to AlleghenyClassof66@gmail.com

7/4/2016: You have got to check out the video made by Dottie Smith Case with 50th reunion memories!  

                                     Here is the link: Dottie's video

5/15/2016: Less than three weeks till we meet again! If you haven't provided the story of your life since your left Allegheny... it is not too late!  And a recent photo for "Then and Now."  Be sure to look through the photos in Then and Now.  It will help you recognize some of your old friends when we get together next month!  

5/9/2016: It is not too late to submit your Classmate Capsule to provide a brief story of your life since leaving Allegheny.  Classmates are really enjoying this way of catching up prior to the reunion.  They want to hear about everyone, whether you are attending or not.


5/8/2016: The reunion is less than one month away.  A big deadline is getting closer - MAY 20, 2016.  That is the deadline for registering with Allegheny for meals, events and accommodations.  It is also the deadline for completing the class questionnaire so your information can be included in a very special 50th reunion yearbook!  And now there is a grand contest to write a new verse for our Alma Mater with the same deadline - May 20. (You do not need to be present at the reunion to win)   Please don't miss the May 20 deadline.  

4/14/2016: Remember to register with Allegheny for meals, events and on-campus accommodations if you haven't already.  Telling the reunion committee you plan to attend our 50th does not get you registered with the college.  To date 94 classmates have indicated they plan to attend the reunion but only 52 have registered officially  with Allegheny.

3/12/2016: Register Now.  You can now register for reunion events and accommodations. Go here to register or see what other classmates have already registered.  You should have gotten an email with a personalized link to get you to Allegheny's reunion registration which makes registration easier. Some events have participant limits so register soon. If you'd like to share a suite in on campus housing with other alumni, one person can reserve a 2, 4, or 5 room suite for your group.    

3/12/2016: Don't forget to fill out the Class of '66 questionnaire - go to questionnaire

2/19/2016 From Gil Gray: Here's a [relatively] short video I put together of the Billboard Top 100 hits for 1966 .... 15-20 second audio clips with the correct album art included. If you enjoy the oldies from back in the day, you will find similar top 100 videos for several other 60's years which I have posted to the website (feel free to download any that you like): Hits of the 60s

2/19/2016 From Don Zuris: Check out the Class of '66 Facebook page.  Gil Gray has an 18 minute video of the songs of '66.  It is the coolest thing ever.  I will be bringing my dancin' shoes to the reunion.

2/15/2016 From Mary G Hyde Miner, now living in Utah: What to say - time passes and life happens.

2/2/2016 From Barry Bradford: Looking forward to reconnecting with many old friends!

1/24/2016 From Reunion Committee: Look for the winter newsletter which will be emailed this week.  Make sure we have your correct email.  

1/24/2016 From Reunion Committee: There have been a number of inquiries about access at the reunion for those with limited mobility.  The campus has appropriate facilities, elevators, etc. as well as escorted golf cart transportation for tours and events during the reunion.   

1/24/2016 From Reunion Committee: ​If you use Face Book and are not yet a member of our Face Book group - go to "Allegheny Class of  1966" and ask to join.  It is a closed group so only other classmates see posts.


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