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Sadly I missed Senior Week and commencement in 1966 due to an injury, but I did graduate -- after finishing my comp research at the Library of Congress, as Washington, DC became home after marriage in 1967. DC was a great environment when legislative negotiation and compromise were still operative in our nation’s capital. The decades there flew by: earned a master’s in linguistics at Georgetown University, spent years employed by McGraw-Hill, George Washington University, and finally at age 49, became a public school teacher. I retired from Fairfax County Public Schools in 2010.

My high school sweetheart, Charlie, and I now call Cape Cod home. Mercifully we haven’t been swept away yet by hurricanes or Nor’easters, although they do threaten. Our home has hurricane trusses. The Cape offers beautiful summer beaches, kayaking, volunteer opportunities (salt marsh monitoring, ESL and literacy tutoring, database management for a nonprofit), and strong motivation to stay at home all summer and leave for Florida, the Southwest, or London during the winter.

I will be forever grateful to you ladies at South Hall who taught me to knit in 1962.  Without your help, I would be the only woman in Massachusetts who can’t knit.

Penny Nye Spooner

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