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Pam Chokel Campbell

               After reading all of the updated stories logged on Allegheny66.com, I hesitate to write my own.  It seems so boring!  But I’ve really enjoyed everyone else’s so here goes.

               I met my husband, Gary, on a blind date set up by my roommate Vicki Wolfram.  It was for a party weekend at W & J College in Washington, Pa., during our sophomore year.  (She was rewarded for her matching skills when she met her own husband at the double wedding shower given for me and Linda Cooper just before graduation.)  Gary and I were married in the fall of 1966 and headed down to Anniston, Alabama, where he was assigned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army.  Fortunately, Vicki ‘s wedding was not so quick and, when Gary was sent to Vietnam 9 months later, I was able to return to Pittsburgh and pick up rooming with her until he returned.

               Gary and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary this fall.  During those years we’ve had an opportunity to live in Alabama, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Tennessee, Minnesota, and (for the last 30 years) Georgia.  We’ve traveled in Asia, Europe and South America, but I’ve discovered a real love for the south and am happy that we were able to raise our three children here.  They’ve all grown up, traveled off, and returned to live back in Atlanta with their spouses and children.  We love having family around us and have six grandsons who provide more than enough sporting events to keep us busy on any weekend.

               Most of Gary’s career required heavy traveling and I preferred to be a stay at home mom as the children were raised.  There are few community volunteer jobs I haven’t held as well as a wide variety of part-time ones I have.  I’ve kept books for a pre-school, interviewed applicants for secretarial positions, given instructions for sperm counts, run a one-gal real estate office, and been a substitute teacher.  My husband retired at 62, then went back to work for our oldest son when he started his own business.  That business was just sold and Gary has been asked to stay on so I guess I – who never, EVER wanted to be a teacher – will just keep on substituting -- and babysitting for those grandsons of course.

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