Hi all,

Wow!  I know we are all wondering where did 50 years go!  I will try to give a brief overview of MY life after Allegheny:

1.  2 yrs. at Univ. of Pitts., grad. 1968 with Masters in Sec. Ed., emphasis on Bio.
2.  Teacher at N. Allegheny in Pitts. area for 3 yrs. Additional grad courses at Univer. of Pitts.
3.  Teacher at Institut Montesano in Gstaad, Switzerland for 1 yr.
4.  Teacher at The American School in London, England for 9 yrs.
5.  Sabbatical in N. Ca. for 1 yr.  Met husband.
6.  Back to American School in London for 1 yr.
7.  Married Oct. 25, 1980; living in San Rafael, Ca.
8. Tutored math/bio. and  helped husband, developer, in Real Estate.
9.  Moved to Sonoma, Ca., Nov. 1990
10. Involved in Real Estate development , wine industry, travel,  1990 - present
11. My husband dies Sept. 2005
12. Take over business endeavors, travel

This seems SO brief!  But, I would love to see anyone in the area, or coming to this area.
Enjoy the reunion!  

Will miss you all!

Cindy (Francine) Lakatos Clayton

Cindy (Francine) Lakatos Clayton

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