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Homecoming is an appropriate time for us to give testimony to the depth of our affection for our Alma Mater. In a sense every Alleghenian makes a pilgrimage of spirit to Meadville at this season, for this is the time of reunion, nostalgia, and fellowship.

All of us are cognizant of the endless debate as to whether the larger university or the smaller college is better.  I have long since come to the conclusion that such discussions are meaningless.  It is not the size of the college that counts.  It is the size of the individual.

All of us are also cognizant that Allegheny does offer supreme advantages.  There is personal warmth that comes only in a comparatively small circle of students. Here one can leave the impression of his own personality upon the campus and have a share in the shaping of the traditions which will be cherished by those who follow.

With its constant growth in quality and purpose, Allegheny can be proud indeed of its role in our free society—and we are proud to belong to the Allegheny family.

                     * Read more about Gov. Shafer in the Allegheny website… click here.

50 Years Ago:

Campus Newspaper Guest Editorial

by Raymond P. Shafer 

As Allegheny was in the midst of its sesquicentennial celebration in 1965, the then Lt Governor of Pennsylvania, Raymond P. Shafer, Class of ’38, wrote a guest editorial that appeared in the Campus newspaper October 16, 1965.  Shafer was governor of Pennsylvania from 1967 –1971 and the 18th president of Allegheny, July 1, 1985—July 31, 1986.  His wife, Jane, Class of '39 and daughter, Diane, Class of '63, are also Allegheny alums.   

The thoughts Gov. Shafer conveyed in his guest editorial 50 years ago about  the school and the Allegheny family still hold true... reason enough to feel that returning to Allegheny after years away is always like coming home.