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Alumni 50th Reunion Central

​​Allegheny Class of '66

My history in brief. After leaving Allegheny, I went to med school at Wake Forest (name was different then) and then Army for my residency (Hawaii; poor me) followed by UCLA for graduate school in high risk obstetrics,  San Francisco (Letterman Army Hospital ) for 5 years (bought a house in Marin County for 80,000$) , U of Cincinnati for 5 years, then University of Rochester from 1986 to present, where I was chief of high risk obstetrics for 17 years, chairman for 11 years, and now just a work a day gynecologist. For 25 years I have been the editor in chief of an internet medical journal which keeps me off the street and off hard drugs.

Along the way my first marriage ended after 14 years (amicably) and produced two beautiful daughters (now age 44 and 42) who are professional women, a second marriage for 14 years that ended when breast cancer took her away but gave me a brilliant son (not my biological so I can brag) , and now my third marriage for 8 years that I hope will be my last and with it a sophomore son at Cornell (who is handsome, tall, and most likely will populate the species, just I hope not too soon. )  

My plan is to stay in Rochester NY until they put me in the ground, probably one day after I quit work which will be a long time in coming.


Jim Woods