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​​Allegheny Class of '66

Wright North demanding and getting excellence from the Chapel Choir.  

Fraternity serenades at Brooks Hall to honor a newly engaged coed

The Singers concluded the 1964-1965 year with a concert during Commencement Weekend.  Hundreds of Singer Alumni gathered from all over the country for a reunion to honor Dr. Morton Luvaas, who retired after 35 years as founder and director of the Singers. 

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Malted Milk Balls
During exam week sophomore year, Karen Fischer got a bag of candy from the Red and White.  She counted the malted milk balls in the bag and found she was shorted several compared to what was advertised on the bag.   She sent a long hand written letter to the president of the candy company, explaining how it upset her so much she wasn’t able to concentrate while studying for exams.  Shortly after that a huge box arrived from the president of the company with his sincerest apology and hundreds of bags of malted milk balls.

The blind professor, Richard Hutchenson, who taught logic - I loved him and that class. 

The Singers Christmas concert, where the choir was surrounded by evergreen trees from Dr. Luvaas farm. The chapel was redolent with the smell of Christmas

Can you correct the identification of classmates in this photo?

(One classmate has noticed that front row left is Rick Harris, not Craig Harris.  Any other errors?)

Random Memories

.....Trying to figure out what this girlfriend thing was all about.


.....Industrial Psychology - last quarter, senior year, guaranteed A, got a D.  

.....Sailing on Conneaut Lake.  

..... Bill Cosby doing his Noah and the flood routine:  Lord, what's a cubit?  


.....Sitting in the field house for our final convocation and thinking I know every person here and that I will never feel such a powerful sense of community and belonging again.  

.....The deepest of deep blue sky between sunset and nightfall, just as the chapel bells were tolling for dinner.  

.....Tobogganing at Bousson.

.....Studying for finals with candles in hall because power out. 

Fire Drills

Do you remember the time they pulled a fire drill at Brooks/Walker Hall, and we were all getting ready for a dance?   When the alarm rang, I was in the shower with one leg soaped up, ready for shaving; all I could do was to grab my robe, throw it on, and head out front, dripping hair, soapy leg and all...and, of course, when we came out, a whole group of guys were out front enjoying our embarrassment! 

Howie Sterling playing basketball.  

Papa Cares

History Professor Paul Cares, a.k.a. Papa Cares, was a robust man with blonde/gray hair that looked like a shock of wheat, and a jowl resembling a turkey gobbler.  His courses were popular, and he was a dramatic and colorful lecturer.  The word among his students was he gave objective tests, and if you had to fall behind in the readings for his courses, you could get a 90 or better on his exams by studying (memorizing) his lecture notes.  That all went well until a final exam in English history.  There we were sitting in the David Mead Field House waiting for the three hour final to begin.  At the appointed hour, we opened the exam to discover it was an essay test based on the course readings.  A collective moan rose from the students, while Papa Cares, sitting in the bleachers, arms crossed over his chest, grinning like a Cheshire cat, was enjoying the moment to the fullest.  A long three hours.

.....Brownie Ketcham's 20th Century Religion, I/Thou, trust/respect, Martin Buber.

.....Trying to glean some insight into the books we read for "ketchup’s" religion class...a great class and wonderful books 

Wearing plaid pleated skirts, knee socks, and carrying our books in our arms around the beautiful campus pathways to the stately library among the red, purple, yellow and green Fall leaves.


Watching TV all day in sorority room in silence day of Kennedy assassination.  

Jay Luvaas walking into the classroom in the middle of an exam saying: Close your blue books.  Put down your pencils.  President Kennedy is dead.   

.........Anita Baker and the fabulous cartoons she drew for The Campus.  

Remember the "Computer Dance" in the spring of '65 at Allegheny...... for 50 cents you could answer 99 questions and the computer would figure out the perfect dance partner for you.  

Long before laptop computers and the internet, Allegheny may have started a new trend, leading to computer dating and "match.com."

Karen Fischer

Class officer's junior year.

SAE Pledge Prank
Who remembers our SAE pledge class carrying out a prank that gained notoriety in the Pittsburgh news.   This happened in March 1963 and I can readily remember 10 of us grabbing Paul (Sudsy) Fellows, the SAE pledge-master, coming out of a campus building, stuffing him into a waiting car, and driving him to the Pittsburgh Airport. We took up a collection among the pledges to pay for the one-way ticket to Miami, Florida, and plied Sudsy with a couple of beers in transit to settle him down. We stayed with him the entire time up to and through boarding the plane to make sure he got on it… with just a $5 bill and his college ID in his pocket. Airport security was different in that day so all of us could go to the departure gate.

We liked Sudsy so the trip was designed to send him to an exotic location in winter as a reward. Interestingly, he did not return for several days and upon doing so was wearing shorts and a tan. 
See article from Pittsburgh paper - College Pledge-Master Turned Upon by Boys

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