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Alumni 55th Reunion Central

​​Allegheny Class of '66

"I loved the chocolate steam pudding with hard sauce served as special dessert treat at dinner at South Hall.  Always tried to share a table with classmates who were on a diet and didn't indulge in the desserts so I could pig out!"

Do you remember when.....​

Kenna Quine

ROTC Court Sophomore year

Meredith "Dee" Johnson and Nancy Neuendorffer

The Maynard Ferguson Band came to Allegheny....

Opening with the old standard "Almost Like Being in Love" the Maynard Ferguson Band gave a tremendous concert to an audience of approximately 1,000 people in the David Mead Field House in February 1964.  In the final number before intermission, "Go East Young Man," Tony Enzolocko was featured on drums. Confusing those in attendance, all of the other musicians left the stage to grab a cigarette and let the drummer freelance for about five minutes, drawing huge applause from students!

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"Catfish" Hall as Freshmen men - yuchhh! 

And did you know that Caflisch, built in an "H" shape in 1929 to house up to 125 freshmen men, was constructed in five sections separated from each other by solid partitions reaching from the basement to the roof.  With no long hallways connecting the sections of the dorm, the design was expected to avoid "rowdyism" by freshmen men.

ROTC Ball - 1964

John Howell, Jann Kahn, Ellen Brown

Recognize any others? 

"We spent a lot of time in our jammies and underwear with our hair in curlers......I still would not want to live in a co-ed dorm!" 

Class officers our sophomore year

Margie Sears and Betsy Myers

Freshman year class officers

Snow angels...

Anyone remember the counselors at Baldwin from our class who had to deal with a freshman, in his underwear, making angels in the snow one cold winter day.