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​​Allegheny Class of '66

The Campus

Memories from the Anonymous Cafeteria Workers
The many of us who dated and worked in the dining hall together kept it hidden from Shirley Townsend as much as we could to avoid being separated.   

The waiters and waitresses drove Shirley Townsend  crazy in Brooks Hall by coming out of the back, lined up, our big silver trays of dinners on our shoulders, singing (A-a-amen, A-a-amen, A-amen, Amen, Amen).  She would send us back behind closed doors, read us the riot act, and send us out again.  Sometimes more than once!

 I remember the time when, as a freshman, I was working in South Hall, the governor was there for some big hoopla, and when I served him his steak, it slid (literally) half way off his plate heading for his lap. Scared the living daylights out of me. 

Do you remember the big silver trays students “borrowed” (without permission) to sled down the hills in the winter?

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Cafeteria Meals

The good and the bad...

Bad....who could forget the tainted Chicken Ala King our freshman year!!!!

Good... fried cauliflour - who would have guessed it could be so good!!!

Best ... chocolate steam pudding with hard sauce

Sex Education?

And, among the priceless memories I have is Dean Knight (AKA Queenie) reminding freshmen women in a ladies-only orientation at the Chapel, that "Saran wrap was not a reliable prophylactic" and she did not appreciate looking out her window to see couples french kissing on the lawn outside Bentley.  I don't think I am crazy because I had never entertained the idea that Saran Wrap was used for that purpose and I certainly hadn't met anyone with whom I was planning on french kissing.

Winter 1964

The Kaldron

Winter weather....

Remember the time during our freshman year when it hit 20 degrees below 0? Rule was the girls couldn’t wear slacks when the weather got cold until the administration gave their approval.  By the time the approval came that day, some of us were already dressed and gone...in skirts, bare legs!  Lucky we didn’t get pneumonia.