Linda Murphy Becker and Anne Hinnebusch Rowe

Chris Olson and Chet Sceiford

John Beck

Linda Allison Palmiero and Bobbie Beiler Montgomery: coordinated!

Vicki Wolfram Muckinhaupt

Cheers from Judy Bechtel Soto and Patty McCarthy Benninghoff

Vicki Wolfram Muckinhaupt and Gordon Starr

Chuck Whitaker and wife

Rennie Lewis Fiebig in her freshman dink

Suzy Spence Miller in her dink!

Dick Alfred and Dana Toedtman

Dottie Smith Case

Chris Olson and George Jones

Alumni 55th Reunion Central

​​Allegheny Class of '66

​Photos from the 50th Reunion

Dick Alfred and Kenna Quine Kinsey

Jeannie Smith and Dick Muckinhaupt

Vicki Wolfram Muckinhaupt

Bill Dean

Anne Hinnebusch Rowe

Jerry Jeppe

Don Zuris and Sally Barrett - Sally is from the College Alumni office and was so  instrumental in making our reunion special!

Barb Holmes Pearson

Good food!

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Linda Allison Palmiero

and Linda Murphy Becker