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​Photos from the 50th Reunion

Linda and Joe Palmiero

Spouses: Lydia Kelso (John) and Don Cairns (Kathe Tunnell)

Linda Allison Palmiero

Lynn Campbell Smith and Buck Smith

Suzy Spence Miller

Barb Sindberg, Norma Blouch, Jeannie Smith

Rich Brandt and George Dull

Giff Lawrence and Cort Lindell

Geoff and Anne Gruver Barnard

​​Allegheny Class of '66

Nancy Neuendorffer Reed, Howard Sterling

Connie Kevil Matz

Nancy Neuendorffer Manown Reed, Patty McCarthy Benninghoff, Chris Olson, Mary Lou Carlson Hodgson, Judy Bechtel

Helen Broxton Miller

Pam Bragg Armitage and Kathy Mack LLoyd

Giff Lawrence and Gordon Starr

Cord Liddell, Bill Cowles, John Rydquist, Howie Sterling

Dave Wuertzer, Craig Harris, Ginny Judd Wuertzer

Ben Haytock, Nancy Branstrom Haytock, Jack Phenix, Chris Woodwell Phenix, Mary Conant Stack, Kathe Tunnell Cairns, Don Cairns

Julie Haude Flieger, Barb Sindberg, Suzy Spence Miller, Norma Blouch, Anne DeLaCroix

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