​Photos from the 50th Reunion

John Rydquist and Bob Schwartz

Dottie Smith Case's video memories of the 50th reunion-click on the center above to start video

John Kelso, retired FBI, giving amazing talk about the investigation he helped conduct of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

Craig Toedtman, Bill Cowles, John Rydquist, Gordon Starr

Alumni 50th Reunion Central

​​Allegheny Class of '66

Carol Dahlbom Hagert, Cherie Sebald Pfetsch and husband Mike Pfetsch

Bill Dean (and wife); Helen Broxton Miller (and husband)

Bob Jolley and George Jones and wife

The view from the Bentley Hall bell tower - what a fascinating tour!

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John Kelso

Friday night picnic

Barry Bradford

Craig Harris

Pat and John Rydquist