Chris Woodwell Phenix and Mary Conant Stack

Kathe Tunnell Cairns and husband Don

Ben Haytock and Nancy Branstrom Haytock - had a wonderful reception at their home near the campus Friday night

Judy Selvage McCain and Suzy Spence Miller... roommates for two years, Reconnected 52 years later!

Linda Murphu Becker and Dana Williams Toedtman '67

Toni Swain Marwitz

Mary Lou Carlson Hodgson, Craig Toedtman, Dana Williams Toedtman '67, Bobbie Beiler Montgomery

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Joy Burt Conti and a very handsome husband!

Still there!!!

Mary Lou Carlson Hodgson and Linda Allison Palmiero

Anne DeLaCroix

Susan Kerr Rutkowski

Judy Heffer McGauhey

Steve Buescher and his lovely catch!

Ellanie Kaufman Hershberger and Vicki Wolfram Muckinhaupt

Jack Phenix and Chris Woodwell Phenix

Bobbie Beiler Montgomery

John Rydquist and Craig Toedtman

Alumni 55th Reunion Central

The Bob Jolleys

John Kelso

Judy Selvage McCain, Lydia Kelso and Ginny Judd Wuertzer

Helen Broxton Miller ...   A serenade?

​Photos from the 50th Reunion

Shall we all sing the Alma Mater with the help of Singers and chorus members!

Cort Liddell, Chris Olson, Giff Lawrence

​​Allegheny Class of '66

And we all enjoyed the song and dance routine by the girls of South Hall 4B