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​​Allegheny Class of '66

 Reunion Memories... through the eyes of Linda Allison Palmiero

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Memories of our 50th Reunion:  Nobody should miss their 50th!!!

 ***Seeing friends for the first time in 50 years

***Getting to know classmates that I wish I knew 50 years ago

***Enjoying Anne  DelaCroix’s Trivia Diary

          It takes some time to read this but what memories it brings back:

          Click on  Class of '66 Trivia

***Singing the Alma Mater
Singing the new winning Alma Mater verse composed by Lynn Campbell Smith
Singing the “age-appropriate” verse created by Suzy Spence Miller

Click here to see all of the entries in the Alma Mater Third Verse Contest!

***Recognizing Suzy Spence Miller for all of her

outstanding  reunion work: website, FaceBook group,


​***Mingling with classmates at the reception at Haytock’s – a really special occasion – Thank you Ben and Nancy!  You have set the bar for future classes.

***Our own Diploma Ceremony.

We have a second

diploma and a medal!

***Power point show – Oh, how young we were!  Thank you Bill Cowles and Craig Toedtman

***Lynn Campbell Smith looks exactly as she did in 1966

***Congratulating 9 married couples from Class of ‘66.

All but two of the couples were in attendance. 

***Remembering classmates who are no longer with us.

                            A power point presentation was made honoring those who are no longer with                             us, as the steering committee members read the names and placed a rose in                             a vase for each deceased classmate.  


                            Click here to see presentation.

*** Pam informing us that Vicki made notes after each of her dates.

Hearing of journal, Dick Alfred saying he was relieved that he did

not date Vicki.

*** Welcoming Mary Lou Carlson

Hodgson back from the hospital

on Saturday evening, looking

and feeling fine!

*** The moving Vietnam Memorial Ceremony Sunday morning.   Thank you Toni Swain Marwitz.  You could copywrite this program.  Click here to see what had all of us in tears.

***The amazing presentation about the bombing of Pan Am 103 by our own John Kelso, retired FBI Agent .and lead investigator

*** Delicious meals and receptions by Parkhurst Dining Services.   Also, great, friendly service.

***Campus walking tours lead by current Allegheny students... concentrating

on the changes in the last 50 years!  And there are so many changes to the

physical campus, the curriculum, rules and regulations, and student

demographics.  But perhaps the biggest change is the cost of an Allegheny

​education... from almost $2,000 per year for room, board, tuition and fees

in our era to over $55,000 per year now.   

***Talking to Class of ’67 about their 50th.  Dana

Williams Toedtman '67 (yes, Craig Toedtman's

wife) got to see first hand how a 50th reunion 

should be!  She would be a great committee

leader for her class.



***Broke 50th Reunion giving record:  

(final figures being calculated - over $3 million

and over 50% participation)

​***Broke 50th Reunion attendance record:  86 classmates attending, 124 total guests.

***So proud to be an Alleghenian: The College could not have been more supportive.  Thank you Sally and Megan!

***So proud to be an Alleghenian, hearing of all of the initiatives and accomplishments of the College and students.  

It was especially inspiring to listen to  Allegheny President

James H. Mullen, Jr. address alumni.  He became the 21st

president of Allegheny College on August 1, 2008. With more

than 25 years of experience in leadership roles in higher

education, and a keen appreciation for Allegheny’s history

and traditions, he is continuing the work of earlier presidents

in building community while at the same time enhancing the

College’s reputation as one of the nation’s preeminent colleges

of the liberal arts and sciences.

*** Fascinating tours of the Bentley Tour were conducted giving us a chance to learn about the historic building and to get a birds' eye view of the campus from above Bentley.


***campus is beautiful and rhododendrons in full bloom for our 50th, just like graduation 50 years ago!

***What a great Reunion Committee.  I would work with this group anytime anywhere.

Go to Reunion Committee to see the classmates who worked so hard to make our 50th reunion so special.




The 50th reunion committee did a remarkable job of creating memorable events for classmates to enjoy throughout the time at the College.  The list of memories below was compiled by Linda Allison Palmiero and then expanded.

Where possible we added photos and details to Linda's list for those unable to attend and for those who want to enjoy the memories of the reunion all over again.  Check back often as we will be continually adding details of the reunion to this memory page. 

Send your memories to Alleghenyclassof1966@gmail.com

or post your memories, photos or comments on FaceBook private group: Allegheny Class of 1966

​       (If you are on FaceBook and not a member of the '66 group yet, go there and ask to join.)

Dick Alfred, our co-chairman,                               and Dana Toedtman '67​