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Alumni 55th Reunion Central

​​Allegheny Class of '66

When old friends and classmates reconnect, no matter how long it has been,  there is a special Allegheny bond that will make the years melt away. The memories and anecdotes we’ll share during this milestone reunion are sure to enrich us, renewing old friendships and creating new ones.  


After experiencing the 50th reunion in 2016, here are thoughts that some '66 classmates have expressed about the upcoming 55th reunion in 2021:

  •    Toni Swain Marwitz

Certainly I am excited about another class reunion. Few alumni of other colleges can believe what special ties we have to our alma mater.  Connecting, reconnecting, precious memories:  Allegheny is such a special place.  Isn't it great that our new president is Hilary Link, whose surname represents the unique links we enjoy as alums? 

  •  Suzy Spence Miller

In 49 years I never participated in an Allegheny reunion… until 2016 for the 50th reunion for our class.  What a fabulous time I had. I cannot be emphatic enough  expressing what the experiences meant to me – reconnecting with friends I hadn’t seen in decades; developing connections and friendships with classmates I never knew before.  Having just lost my husband of nearly 40 years, I was certainly apprehensive about attending the 50th reunion alone.  The kindness and warmth I felt for those four days was an inspiration.  I knew then just how very special the folks of our Class of ’66 really are!  I absolutely don’t want to miss our 55th and hope to see so many of you, my old and new friends, there in 2021.   

We now live in troubled times.  It is inspiring to be able to spend time with those old classmates of ours that take us back to a time and place when life was so different and so good!  I just love to learn of the accomplishments of this class of '66 group that is truly amazing in so many ways.  Who would want to pass up the opportunity? 

(Click here  to read about how the 50th reunion impacted my life)  Check  Gil Gray's Classmate Capsule ... Remembering a great man

  • Richard Alfred

Given the special class that we are, and recognized as such by Allegheny, our 50th reunion was an event never to be forgotten. A 55th is just as meaningful, if not more so, given the pandemic we have lived through and the importance of reconnecting.

  • Linda Allison Palmiero

Each time I take advantage of the opportunity to be together with my Allegheny classmates, I have a greater appreciation and warmth for these renewed and new friendships.  Those years provided us with such a shared experience and identity.  I wish for all to experience this grateful feeling.

  • Anne DeLaCroix

​  If you have come to prior college reunions or any of the "off campus" reunions...you KNOW why you should come back again and AGAIN!   So be ready to make arrangements as soon as we find out when, where, etc. 

For those of you who have not come to a Reunion PLEASE COME!

We know you will have a good time! You will be absolutely amazed at how the clock turns back and you’ll be jubilantly enjoying old friends from the past all grown up and even more interesting now than they were back then! 

1. There's plenty of time for crazy memories of the zany things our classmates did as college students – just like it happened yesterday! 

2. We are OLD enough now we no longer need to be in that demanding adult stage of life being prim and proper… let’s have FUN… we’ve earned it! 

3. PLUS..... Good and Interesting stories abound about all the fascinating lives of so many of our Allegheny gang during college days and since. We could put together a comedy act knowing these stories are probably "true" life adventures.

 4. The best thing…. We can talk all day about our true life adventures knowing some of you have probably heard the best of the stories before, maybe even more than once... BUT since we all can't remember anything anymore..... we can just keep blabbing about hilarious times as if it is an all NEW comedy routine.      Sometimes being old is "Good!"     

 Your Homework:

If you would like a special invitation to go out to anyone from our class that you really have missed over the last 55 years, send their names to us and we’ll try to entice them into joining the fun at our reunion in 2021.


See these comments by two ’66s who attended Allegheny’s Bicentennial Reunion in May 2015 expressing the special impact of milestone reunions:

  • Dick Alfred: Three days on campus for the Bicentennial with friends and classmates were not only meaningful--they were priceless! For me personally they drove home the realization that, as a class, we are an extended family. There are roughly 280 of us with known addresses that make up the Class of ’66. The memories shared in late May and the easy camaraderie among classmates--almost as if 50 years had not passed--was special. It is my hope that as many of us as possible will be on campus for our 50th on June 2-5, 2016. There are conversations to be had, memories to be shared, and bonds to be renewed.

  • Toni Swain Marwitz: I am so proud to be an Alleghenian! The campus was glorious, bedecked with blue and gold banners celebrating the Bicentennial. Everyone was in a festive mood, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the alumni office to produce many fond memories. The highlight of the weekend for me was singing in the Reunion Choir. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when we sang the Alma Mater.  

Those attending from previous classes have described 50th reunions with such enthusiasm, it can’t help but make us all want to head to Meadville:

  • From Karen Darlington Halstead, Class of '64: “Such special friendships we made those few years ago.  Those friendships are as strong as ever!  Join your class to share memorable times.  President Mullen and a marvelous staff rolled out the red carpet to welcome us back!  The class of 1964 has new memories and a renewed spirit of dedication to Allegheny!”       

  • From Carol Fetcko Barndollar, Class of '64: “The 50th Reunion last year was not only a landmark reunion, it was special in that it seemed that everyone was comfortable being there, seeing friends that seemed more like family, sharing stories that were special from the years we were at Allegheny, and finding out “new” stories of events in our lives since graduation. I personally didn’t want to have the weekend end! It truly is a reunion that should not be missed!”

  • From Sandi Kenyon Smith Linaberger, Class of '62: “We laughed, we cried, we sang, we remembered. The returning classmates are who or what makes it a weekend to remember. Allegheny does a phenomenal job making sure needs and wishes are met and keeping us smiling and content.  May your 50th be as heart warming and memorable as mine. I wouldn't have missed it for anything.”  *** See how Sandi met her second husband at an Allegheny reunion: The Linaberger Love Story

  • From James Balent, Class of '64: "Reunion weekend was wonderful. It was great to see classmates that I had not seen for 50 years. The college did a great job for us. My only negative was that it had to end."


What's So Special about an Allegheny Reunion